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Lillies in Orange


Drifting Away

Drifting Away

Jekyll Island, spring 2014

My Gram K. loves the beach and one time she took a big piece of driftwood home and then put it inside her house, a natural sculpture of sorts. We grandchildren grew up visiting at her house over the years, laughing and playing games on the carpeted floor or doing jigsaw puzzles at the dining room table, while our parents talked around a circular table in the kitchen. When I was young, Gram painted a bit, and we made some crafts together. She loves to garden, plant flowers in the dirt and being outside. Up until a few months ago, even in her nineties she walked miles every day.
Last year, as I walked Jekyll Island on it’s driftwood beach, I photographed this tree to paint later. It looked really brave out there, nearby tons of dead and fallen limbs, standing firm with it’s roots buried in the sand and it’s bare limbs reaching out into the wind under the sun, waiting for the tide to come in again. It reminded me of her.