I am Identifying with the idea of expressive arts as a possible career change going toward retirement, I found Heidi’s posts on WordPress today and checked out her site. I’ve considered going back to school for an arts therapy degree, but with 3 degrees already completed and money (20 year student loan payoffs, don’t get me started) still owed for the last, it seems a foolish waste of money at this point. Yet that’s where my thoughts keep ending up. Taking my education-arts-administrative-mama-life lived adventures into that direction in my continuing quest to help others once I leave public schools (at least formally) behind. One of my most profound growth experiences as a human to date, was through the guidance of a grief counselor-life coach who was also an artist. She had a red leather couch (I had a red couch in my assistant principal office at the time) and as I sat and followed her activities, I simply opened myself up in ways that she and I didn’t anticipate. It was as if suddenly after searching for 47 years, I’d found my true center. Unpacking years and processing things while making my own art that had been lost to me for decades. I will continue to check out Heidi’s site and wanted to share it with others. She has added to my hopeful possibilities and next steps by sharing her adventures. Are there other expressive arts teachers and facilitators out there blogging? I’m sure there must be. If you know of any, please share their info with me. Thanks!

Wild Call of the Soul

image © Heidi Spitzig

Practicing is striving; practicing is a romance. But practicing is also a risk, a test of character, a threat of deeply personal failure… Every day I collide with my limits, the constraints of my hands, my instrument, and my imagination. Each morning when I sit down, I’m bewildered by a cacophony of voices, encouraging and dismissive, joyous and harsh, each one a little tyrant, each one insisting on its own direction. And I struggle to harmonize them, to find my way between them, uncertain whether this work is worth it or a waste of my time.

~Glenn Kurtz

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