Go Ask Lev #7 Art For Art’s Sake

It’s never too late…

Thought Catalog

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Dear Lev,

Hey! Hi! I’ve found it really difficult to be concise but here’s my best try, cutting out a lot of context:

Do you think in artistic fields you need to start young to be truly successful?

I know the easy answer is there can be success at any age, but I feel like that only applies to hyper-talented people and even then there has to be luck at play.

If someone starts taking writing or acting or painting etc seriously as a job option at 17-18 and working towards it, as opposed to 24 (my age), don’t they then have the time to develop, make connections/collaborate with others, and therefore forever have a huge advantage?

With so many people trying desperately in every area to ‘make it’ and work consistently, and a lot of industries already…

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