Gram K creating art at 93!

My mom took this photo of my grandma, re-discovering painting with friends and her activity director at an “Art with Heart” session hosted at her assisted living facility a few weeks ago.  I love this!  Gram  hasn’t painted since the 1980s, when she took a few acrylic painting classes for fun.  I have her two framed acrylic paint farm scenes on display in my classroom studio at school.  I know some of my artistic gifts come from her.

Gram has dementia and sometimes (especially when she’s tired), she gets frustrated about not remembering, trying to know what comes next.  Mostly she is happy.  Walking the halls, making puzzles alone or with friends, visiting with family, and now crafting and painting!

Dementia and Alzheimer’s run up both sides of my family tree.  For me, this photo of her enjoying the creative process, even if she won’t remember it, is proof that this skill set and the instinct to make stuff will be with me til the end of my days. 

Don’t forget to keep putting a pencil or brush in my hands!  


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