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‘Being an Artist is a state of mind’: Louise Nevelson’s Creative Drive


51PMV7Qf0LLOn the 17th of April 1988, American sculptor Louise Nevelson died in New York. Regarded as one of the most significant figures of 20th-century American sculpture, she serves as an example of incredible persistence in fulfilling one’s personal ambition. Born to Jewish parents in Tsarist Russia in 1899, at the age of six she moved with her family to America, where she soon discovered her inner calling to become an artist: “I knew that I was gifted because from the day you go to school, your teachers know what you have. At least they did in my school. In Maine, over seventy years ago, they felt I was an artist. They just knew it. Something about me projected it, even as a child, and I knew it. Some people are born a certain way. They really are, no doubt about it. Caruso had a voice when he…

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Voices from the Border and Beyond – understanding the root causes of migration

During our visit to Guatemala last fall, we went to a faith based relief center for people crossing the border and I felt a strong call to action while I was there. I met Amanda and her family on an earlier visit to Guatemala. They recently moved to begin mission work on the Mexican-US border. I admire their faith and service to others around this important issue that impacts all of us.

Walking with Guatemalan sisters in faith

Happy New Year 2015!

I know it has been a while since my last blog post.  The shift and transition in my work focus over the past year left me little time to dedicate to my blog.  I apologize for my absence and appreciate your understanding.

For my first blog of 2015, I want to introduce you to a unique mission trip experience.  Out of a desire to work regionally, PCUSA mission co-workers came together to create a seminar experience focused on immigration – Central America to the US migration.  Ten different mission co-workers located in the US/Mexico borderlands, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador came together to plan an experience that would give voice and face to the migration story of so many Central Americans.  Additional program offices also lent essential programmatic/educational support – Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, Presbyterian Hunger Program, Office of Immigration Issues and others.  During the experience, the participants would…

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Mews: #PetsInPortraits Book Review and Competition Reminder

Katzenworld - Old please follow the main Katzenworld

Hello everyone,

With only days to go until the closure of the #PetsInPortraits competition we thought it would be a good idea to have a sneak peak at the book behind the competition!

The book is filled with over 80 photos of portraits that feature not just our favourite felines but also other animals. 🙂 For each of the featured artworks the book contains a wealth of information about the famous person and their relationship to their pet. Not just do you find out historical info but some not so well known fun facts! Additionally info on the photographer / artist behind the photo / portrait can be found for each of them.

Below are just some of the examples of feline presence in what strikes us a fantastic collection of famous pet history (Who wouldn’t love cute animals and their human companions. 😉 )

National Portrait Gallery - Pets in Portraits - Catherine ('Kitty') Fisher 1765 Catherine (‘Kitty’) Fisher 1765. © National Portrait Gallery, London

National Portrait Gallery - Pets in Portraits - NPG x31619 - Barbara Hepworth with her cat Nicholas by Ida Kar 1961 -Copyright National Portrait Gallery London Barbara…

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