Brown Bagged Weapons

As I look forward to year 30 in our public schools, and new adventures, I thought I would share a few highlights from last year –

January 2015

I should write a book, because you know what they say, just when you think you’ve seen it all…

What a testing week!! While I avoided the weeks of long hours of prep, pass outs and wagging my finger in my “Don’t make me shhhhh you tshirt” since I wasn’t the school’s  test coordinator, I never dreamed today’s perfect storm would happen…
Twenty three alternative high school students, on the 2nd to last day of first semester, had a FULL ON food fight in a small classroom lab full of computers while I was assigned to supervise them this morning.
 They put the good ole days of cafeteria food fights to shame with some early release day bagged lunches full of “weapons” (boxed raisins, baggies of mini carrots, milk boxes and pbj sammies, plus leftover breakfast cocoa puffs)!

I probably should’ve just joined in as I slid across the floor while throwing some myself. 
But, they were hitting each other with it, not me. Had to be an oversight on their part? C’mon, not a thing on me, really???? The odds were not in my favor as the only adult in the room!
Wish I’d thought to video tape it. I’m sure several of them did. 😜


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