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Love or Money 2010-2014

In the early 2000s, when I worked at WHS in Boone, one the teachers gave me a simple yellow ceramic star similar to these that said “Believe”. I had it hanging on my rear view mirror in the car for about 8-9 years to inspire me and remind me to look forward, rather than back. I knew I had work to do.

In 2010, when my son left for college, I put it in a collage I called “Love or Money” and after taking a bunch of classes at #OnTrack  and some quality time with an art therapist/artist in Asheville, NC I began painting again in earnest and made a number of changes to have more “life” vs. “work”.

The finished collage actually includes both the original star and the first Epiphany star I picked out of the basket at New Hope Presbyterian Church in Asheville. Along with all kinds of crazy mailers, credit card offers, journal entries, drawings, fortune cookie strips, magazine clippings, a ton of paint and some oil pastel.

I worked my way through many things during that time period (2010-2014). All of it led me to quit my job as an administrator and return to the classroom, to leave Asheville for Pinehurst, NC after I met my future husband, and finally led us to leave NC for Las Vegas, NV where I am now teaching 2nd graders. A few mission trips to Guatemala along the way helped me with perspective during those years too, and I know our Education Study trips with my gal pals inspired me to teach literacy and math in a 68% Hispanic, Title 1 school.

Who knew all of that could happen because of Epiphany stars? Let go and Let God! So thankful!


Balloon Launch in Mesquite, NV

Watching the sun rise above the mountains and bounce off the Mesas in Mesquite this morning. My first view of the lift off


process up close! Weather seems perfect.