Love or Money 2010-2014

In the early 2000s, when I worked at WHS in Boone, one the teachers gave me a simple yellow ceramic star similar to these that said “Believe”. I had it hanging on my rear view mirror in the car for about 8-9 years to inspire me and remind me to look forward, rather than back. I knew I had work to do.

In 2010, when my son left for college, I put it in a collage I called “Love or Money” and after taking a bunch of classes at #OnTrack  and some quality time with an art therapist/artist in Asheville, NC I began painting again in earnest and made a number of changes to have more “life” vs. “work”.

The finished collage actually includes both the original star and the first Epiphany star I picked out of the basket at New Hope Presbyterian Church in Asheville. Along with all kinds of crazy mailers, credit card offers, journal entries, drawings, fortune cookie strips, magazine clippings, a ton of paint and some oil pastel.

I worked my way through many things during that time period (2010-2014). All of it led me to quit my job as an administrator and return to the classroom, to leave Asheville for Pinehurst, NC after I met my future husband, and finally led us to leave NC for Las Vegas, NV where I am now teaching 2nd graders. A few mission trips to Guatemala along the way helped me with perspective during those years too, and I know our Education Study trips with my gal pals inspired me to teach literacy and math in a 68% Hispanic, Title 1 school.

Who knew all of that could happen because of Epiphany stars? Let go and Let God! So thankful!


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