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Just Getting Started

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Art House LV Gallery

Photo taken by Bryan Upton

It has been sometime since I took a marketing class and so I’m a bit rusty when it comes to the specific marketing terminology. I do recall their being something about P’s.  Was it 4 P’s, 5 P’s or 7 P’s?  Let me see…I recall these being for sure these P’s on the list- PRODUCT, PRICE, PLACE AND PROMOTION.  

When I wander around each of the rooms of this old house that we call the ART HOUSE LV Gallery, I am always impressed with our PRODUCT.  We have some truly AMAZING local artists that continually blow me away with just how creative they are.  There is every style of art you can imagine here. Everything from classic oil painting, raku pottery, hand painted cowbells to bejeweled skulls of real dead animals.  There is truly something here for everyone.

Oh and let’s  talk about that…

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