My artworks depict and describe the things I’m passionate about… all having to do with my life’s work to make things better for children, women and families, while supporting equal rights for all, empowerment and the arts.
As a young artist I worked in every media I could get my hands on! I have always shared art skills and strategies with people of all ages. I am most inspired by those who live life fully and authentically. My hero’s have always been the risk takers; especially the Impressionists and Surrealists. I’m into Op Art and Abstract and anything with a repeated pattern. Even better if multiple patterns happen at the same time.
My mind works in spirals, going off in many directions, making lists, taking it all in visually, set to the musical soundtrack that plays in my head! Because of that deciding on a focal point and sticking with one piece to completion is hard for me, so I work on 4-5 pieces at a time, using multiple media.
I usually begin with a photograph, starting with a quick line drawing and then coloring it in. It almost feels like “paint-by-numbers”, the oil painted posters and hand-painted ceramic figurines I made as a child. I work fast using gestural, whole body movements in crayon, pastel or Sharpie. I prefer working flat on a large scale, probably because when I was young I loved to make huge 2D artworks to enhance concert stages and bulletin boards. I interpret the photographs and break from traditional realism because it’s more interesting to me than exact duplication. I greatly admire those artists who take amazing photographs and/or paint photo-real, but that takes more patience than I have to give.
I like mess and order at the same time. I like thick, textural surfaces. Often times, there is a painting or two underneath the final piece you see; something someone might someday discover and wonder about… Finally, I choose to work and live within rooms with strong colors while listening to LOUD music. For me, color and music embody passion, guts and risk taking and give me energy!



One thought on “About

  1. hi becca, this is Gloria Phillips. i met you at light on Decatur and tropical and want to talk to you if possible regarding arts education. I’m expanding my daycare to a commercial center and really want to talk to you as the expert. please call me at 702-273-9684.

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